just sit still

On a more serious note, I don't at all mean for any of this to sound as though I am poking fun at Chinese culture or people. I am just sharing things that I find interesting, weird, unique and entertaining...in an attempt to make the world a wee bit smaller for all of those I miss dearly. I am in no way passing judgements on this place that I am new to, find fascinating and know so little about. I want to share my experiences in the most entertaining way possible. And this will help me learn. And as a side note... trust me that by me being here, lying on the beach in a little bikini, attempting to blacken my skin, sleeping, reading, relaxing, mumbling random chinese phrases under my breath to practice...like "jiu bai jiu shi jiu hao"...means 999 and is my address and took me days of reciting this happily over and over so I could say to a cab driver...chinese people are equally and if not more entertained, curious, shocked, confused by me. On the beach, Talia and I took one for the team. We smiled for photos, were patient with random people who came to speak with us and those that loitered around staring. So here are some of my own pictures and impressions to share with you.

For me this is a picture of the quintessential Chinese family. It makes me very happy...almost as happy as that little boy looks!

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