what's a zorb?

What the heck is that thing? Don't tell me there's people in there...no way! What are they doing?There is no way ... Yeah #$%^ right!?!?!?

I wrote a bit before about population control in China, but in the last week I discovered where all the people in China actually come from. They fall from the sky. Every few minutes, if you look out onto the horizon of the South China see, you can catch a glimpse of a giant bubble falling to the earth. Inside each bubble is a man and a woman. Wonderbeings from outer space. Every once in a while they float to shore and are greeted by a crowd of people, excited to welcome the new arrivals to the earth. The Wonderbeings are on a mission to save the planet. And they will one day. I just haven't figured out how yet. But I asked and they seem to have it all under control.

Questions? Comments? Feel free.


jojo was a frog said...

Wow, is that actually where babies come from? I wouldn't worrie about overpopulated China because the exportations of the space people coming soon.

But seriously, what are those?


Ezra Soiferman said...

This is a Zorb...


Here's a pic of PG in a Zorb...


A big fan of your blog, Taylor.

Ez d'Ez Sez

Anonymous said...

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