I am so good at making pancakes it is stupid

no really. I am the best pancake maker in the world, and I don't mean to brag, but I really am. It is like those kids that grow up playing basketball on court where the left hand side is all rocky and then when they get to a good court they have a really good left hand... That was me with pancakes. Chinese kitchens are not made for brunch, but by the 40th pancake I was a golden brown flipping machine. This was one of my best days in Shanghai. I had all of my students over to my apartment for brunch (BReakfast + lUNCH = BRUNCH I explained) the Sunday after we finished our final class. I cannot begin to tell you how warm and welcoming this group of people were to me during my first 6 weeks here. I began teaching every sunday 5 days after I arrived and every class they took me out and showed me a new type of food and showed earnest interest and appreciation for everything I taught them. They brought me flowers, a wooden musical box, and then one of the older students, who I called Boss...brought me a beautiful Chinese Tea Set. Even though I do make the best pancakes in the world, I don't think they really liked them. Chinese people really only do like Chinese Food. But Talia likes them and so did Lynn and Veronica (who came over and sampled and hung out as well). Oh and by the way...they made me take more awkward pictures than my Mom & Zaida combined...

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thedaveed said...

You are so cute with your chinese friends, I heard you met my pal Sean Arnold, he's a photographer.

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