A small, black, hand transcribed book chronicling the night from 8pm to 4am of Saturday, September 8th in the year 2007. Flipping through the book either from beginning to end or jumping from page to page tells a story. Each page has a message, a text message, a piece of communication sent by one of you to someone else within the real world from a cellphone.

This is a document of that message, that moment. Physical. It it tells a story, a version of one, a history, pertaining to an isolated moment in time. From here each page is open. Open as an finite piece of space. You can add to that space, build on it, by drawing lines. A new dimension. Every person who opens the book can add to a page. A drawing of their impression of the text, instant, visceral and more complete.

The consumer is also the producer. Technology is the means to bridge this gap. This project addresses the fundamental human desire to document themselves, store knowledge. Extend some version of the physical self onto the world. It takes a traditional book, and uses technology to change the way that it is made. The experience of the book is augmented, changed. Text messaging is a new language. A shift in communication. A different use of language, somewhere between oral, and literal. incorection of the gramaticallly. This project preserves the traditional design of a book, and the variable is hidden within this form.

***Thanks to all who participated!

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