organic forms in urban landscape

Every day on my walk to ITP, I try and take a different route. Today at Bowery I turned left onto Bond. A building that had been under construction for a while was now complete, as indicated to me by a doorman guarding the entrance. As I gazed into the mirrored facade, an image of the past was reflected on the new. Organic, dynamic, emerging from foundations of the past. The new building pressed up against the old. Where are they different? Where are they the same? The structures, though stark in contrast, do not forget their ancestors. Those who brought them to life, and live within it. Alive on their own, bound to respective times and spaces, are allied by humanity.

What is interesting to me right now is relationships. Changes of state. between old and new. The stark juxtaposition between two distinct times, pressed up against each other to share a space. As humans we operate on changes of state. What comes to mind is something that Vik Muniz said in Red's lecture a few weeks ago. When the eye sees, it sees change. When examining a painting that is a static image, you approach from afar, adjust your footsteps to find an agreeable view point, constant slight changes. Flickers. This can apply to sound as well. You cannot freeze a sound. When we hear, we hear change, a fragment of a wave from one state to another. An isolated point on this wave is nothingness. We need two things, we need a relationship.

How can you describe this relationship. It is an interesting space. The intersection of one space and another. Most often this space is so subtle, it goes unnoticed. But it is when a gab is more prominent, that we are most challenged, forced to see, prompted to grow, able to understand. What does change look like? How can it help us understand.

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jason said...

beautiful. i wasn't thinking of the same building. this one is much better

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