simple communication model - v1

the black white parody. technology as a mediator for communication. how do 2 distinct entities communicate? I decided to reduce this down to a model that expresses the bare minimum of communication. Two objects (pixel 1 and pixel 2), two states (white and black). How do they know if they are the same? In order for this communication to happen, there needs to be some 3rd party system. one with physical, perceivable symbols, semantics and a way to sense and express those. So last night I made a mini model to visualize this system. The 3rd party intermediary (center panel). A counterpoint for both entities on each side. The program continuously randomly generates a black or white state for each pixel, checks to see if the pixel colours are the same, and if they are draws a pixel of the shared color. If they are not, nothing is drawn. The end result is a pixel map of "realized" communication. Right now, the pixels values on each side are being generated randomly. But you could insert humans into this system and get the same result. is it possible for two people to communicate without this 3rd party? whether that be language, oral, written, art, technology?... do we ever truly know each other? HERE IS A LINK

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