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***CLICK FOR INTERACTION MODEL*****This week's assignment: "design a way, using software, to test user interaction with a system(or device)".

This was an interesting challenge for me because of it's direct relevance to pretty much everything that I have been thinking about these days. Specifically about the purpose of the things we make, and how with technological advances in computation power and shifts in materials, we should begin to restructure the process of innovation.

I have been working on developing a social software model that allows for data derived from the interaction of discrete entities through a system, to be cycled back into and restructure the system itself. I plan to use this model as a framework through which to develop my other projects, as a way to build, test and study this concept.

The link above is a visualization of the BASIC framework. I am very interested in figuring out new ways to design, redesign and study basic innovations...clocks (time is an area that interests me to model). The concept of having a goal, with multiple pathways to achieve that goal... keys (determined by human interaction) that unlock parts of a system.

The model here is based on many theoretical premises...

The foundation of innovation is to establish a counterpoint through which people can connect. Discrete entities cannot connect in the absence of a third party intermediary. This intermediary is a system and can take the form of any counterpoint through which humans can connect, language, art, literature, architecture...etc.

discrete entities represent states that undergo nonlinear transformations to a vocabulary specific to a systems through which it communicates. Vocabularies associated to systems are arbitrary representations of internal states, and thus can be accounted for with binary states...boolean algebra, and probabilities derived from this can be evaluated by a system. This is the interaction and data source that will in turn structure the system.

I am tired.

The code here is a basic framework for my concept. I have a lot more documentation on this subject but haven't found the time to put it in a blog yet. I will write more about it soon...

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