let the camera pick my colours
colour. caries weight of words and meaning. a complexity that is astounding. and powerful. each time it is introduced into a system, it brings these things with it. how did we come to these colours? in the beginning. attached to so many things now, but what were they once, if anything at all, when they were just...

the images on the left are stills from a program i wrote in C for Danny Rozin's class Pixel by Pixel. The program processes data from a video camera. One pixel at a time, it determines the brightness of a pixel in relation to a threshold. If the value is above a threshold, it returns a 1 (white), below returns a 0 (black). Using this new data, the program then, 24 of these pixels at a time, assigns the binary representation of this colour and prints a bar of that colour below it's 24 bit representation.

I am interested in this way of arriving at colour. i chose to introduce colour using specifically the vocabulary that we have chosen to represent colour on a computer. an audience can take it to mean what they want. but for me, it was the first time i was able to bring colour into my work in a way that was satisfying and honest.

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