a giant piano

so we live in a compound. sort of. It is called Spring Garden and is located at Loushanguan Lu Changning Lu jiu bai jiu shi jui hao lou qi shi san. It took me until yesterday to remember that. There are lots of buildings that are very tall and very green. We have guards in funny uniforms that smile when we walk past. little rock ponds. And best of all giant "lawn art" sculptures with the encompassing theme of musical instruments. Every day when I leave my house, they serenade me... except for today because I was working in my own makeshift call center. Yes, I sat all day on the phone giving Chinese people in Shenzhen English tests. Very exciting. Exhausting. Boring. Hilarious. At one point in a role playing interview scenario I was pretending to be a receptionist at a doctor's office. The man I was speaking to was pretending that his leg was broke. I told him that I would make him an appointment with Dr...kfjs...uh...fumble fumble fumble (I am supposed to be the one with good English)...and all I could think of was Bob. "Dr. Bob can see you tommorow about your broken leg." I had to bite my cheek to avoid laughing. That is all for now.

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