in china they ball

for serious.
last night we went to a canadian 5a7 at the 4seasons. then to a place called matt's house. then velvet. then Talia and were persuaded to go off to bar rouge with two strange old men (just kidding daddy...they were just strange, and old and men). but the dj was amazing, seriously ...they really know how to play good music here. the club scene is definitely something to write home about. It is nice when bars have little gimmicks....like at Time in Montreal...for those who are unfamiliar... they throw napkins in the air. At bar rouge they light the entire bar on fire. The bar is a big square and I am convinced that each corner is occupied by a woman (kind of like the older woman star of "Kung Fu Hustle". I don't feel like elaborating more.
I woke up this morning at 730 to study chinese. our tutor came at 1030. then I wandered around the french concession all day, bought a marker, took some pics, procrastinating preparing a lesson plan for tomorrow. We are flying to Hainan for a few days tomorrow at 6.

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