bookstores in china smell the same as they do at home

a surreal experience is to be wandering alone, lost in people's square, thousands of people and all of a sudden you hear someone shout out "Taylor?..." Coincidences are easy to come by in China. once again the world is little. Yesterday I was wandering around people's square after a meeting with a Frenchman who owns a production company here. He told me about a foreign bookstore...I got lost/distracted looking for it, but then was saved by the girl that works at the french consulate (my first friend here). I finally found a bookstore, not the one I was looking for, but a better one. It was two stories and sold art books. The bottom floor was traditional chinese books. Perusing, I passed by a nerdy little boy with glasses and boogers drooling from his nose sneaking a peak at a book on chinese erotic art. made me smile. then I went upstairs and found some great design books. all in chinese but pictures are worth much more. so I won't waste the words. Here are some shots from today.

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