making a module

so this was a tough one. thinking, rethinking, simplifying, oversimplifying. binary, polar, yeses and nos. why don't I make a module of everything, that does nothing. after lots of playing with new tools, finding some aluminum and building little sculptures...(pictured below). I knew I wanted my module to be contained. a closed environment, with a lifespan of it's own. yesterday I was talking to Jason at ITP (shout out for idea)...and he was playing with a little metal ball/building a switch with a pen, when he said..."I want to make a switch with a ball". and then it clicked. my closed enironemnt "module" could have a metal ball in it. The user interacts with the module by aligning the metal ball in a way to close the circuit, and turn on the light contained in the box. I went to the store and bought some acrylic to make a box. Before I was working with a soft plastic sphere. I don't like round things. The box was much better. I even got this insanely powerful plastic glue called methylene chloride. it is intense and worked wonders after a few initial blunders. actually breaks down the chemical properties in the plastic and then rebuilds as a whole. very effective. I wonder what it does to the inside of my lungs. just kidding. so I spent way too much time working on the power source. a AAA battery suspended with coils inside a pill container glued to the inside of the box. Some colourful acrylic pieces to reflect light/turn the module into a more challenging interactive game. I spent way too much time on the battery thing. need to rethink the design, it sucks and is probably breaking as I write this. I also had problems finding a metal ball, started as you can see in the pics with an acrylic one, drilled a hole in it and started to wrap wire around it. That didn't work. Then I woke up today and went to an old electronics/computer store on my block, and the people were very nice and gave me an old mouse. i took the ball out of that and removed the wire for use. I also would like to build it again, without additional plastic, wires, just a simple ball, light, battery in a clear box. keep it simple. I will soon seal the box and the module will start it's life, be used and one day die, then it will just be a box.

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