making cows explode

This week for pComp I worked with Amy and Alex. We made a cow explode. In flash of course. We started with a pressure sensor, which we attached to one of those baby snot suckers, plugged it into an arduino that we programed to read the voltage difference from the sensor. That data was then transmitted to flash. Hard to get it working on my mac at first, but after installing some files in the right place it worked. Flash read in the value, and we got the cow to swell and shrink in direct relationship to squeeze of the pump. Analog reading, very cool. Still need to work on making it into a game. Hopefully get two pumps and two cows going at the same time. But it was fun. Then on the way to school I saw a full size cow. She was looking at me as if it knew what I was up to. So I took her picture.

<-list of applications for the sensor chip. I was disconcerted to see that blowing up cows was not named.

<-the booger pump action

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